Is social media a hard job?
Is social media a hard job?

From crafting strategies to handling feedback, find out why many consider social media a hard job and what it takes to excel at it.

How to get into social media marketing with no experience
How to work in social media marketing with no experience

Want to start a career in social media with no experience? Discover simple, creative ways to build your skills and portfolio from scratch.

Community management for beginners
Community management for beginners

Learn the basics of community management to build and grow your audience, with tips for each major platform.

Tips on remote working
Our top remote working tips for social media managers

Learn how to embrace remote working with our tips for a perfect workspace, managing your time, maintaining a healthy work-life balance and more.

How to set SMART goals for social media
How to set effective SMART goals for social media

Learn to set effective SMART goals for social media with our guide, enhancing strategy and advancing your career as a social media manager.

Social media team management
Managing the managers: How to lead a social media team

Taking on your first social media team management role? Our guide covers everything from readiness to team leadership, offering actionable tips to help you succeed.

TikTok text posts
TikTok text posts are now available

With the addition of TikTok text posts, the video platform has expanded its content boundaries and offered a new way for users to express themselves. 

benefits of social media accessibility
Social media accessibility: How to create content for all users
Member Content lock

Accessible content is more inclusive and user-friendly, boosting reach and engagement. Learn how to include social media accessibility in your content strategy.

LinkedIn carousels discontinued
LinkedIn carousels, profile videos and in-image links to be discontinued

Although LinkedIn carousels are being removed from the platform, there’s still a way to post engaging carousels on your feed.

TikTok Open Applications
Recruit new influencers with TikTok’s Open Applications tool

Open Applications allows advertisers to source new creators via the TikTok Creator Marketplace. FInd out how it works.

Meta Threads, or Project 92, the long-awaited Twitter clone
What we know about Meta Threads (formerly Project 92), the new Twitter clone

Meta is launching Threads, a Twitter clone that was formerly codenamed Project 92. Check out our tips on updating your strategy.

LinkedIn DMs for company pages
LinkedIn Company Pages can now send Direct Messages

LinkedIn has announced a new feature that will allow company pages to send direct messages (DMs) to users. Here’s what we can expect.

freelance and contract work
How to choose between freelance and contract work

Your guide to understanding freelance and contract work in social media management.